Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2016-2036

Village of West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036

The Village of West Baraboo has prepared an update to our Comprehensive Land Use Plan under Wis. Stat. 66.1001. The Village’s existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted in May of 2004 and is in need of an update to address requirements of Wis. Stats. 66.1001 and changes in local land use policies to address anticipated growth patterns and trends. The plan update is being coordinated by the Village’s planning consultant MSA Professional Services.

State Statute 66.1001 requires the Village to send a copy of the adopted plan to the Clerks of all adjacent municipalities, including Sauk County upon adoption of the updated plan. In the interest of supporting intergovernmental cooperation the Village is notifying said communities that a copy of the draft plan is available for review and commentary prior to adoption.

The Village’s Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on the draft plan at their regular meeting on:

October 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm
Village Hall, 500 Cedar Street

Officials from your agency are invited to attend this meeting to provide comments during the public hearing, or alternatively, you may submit written comments to my office for review during the public hearing.

If you would like to discuss anything related to our plan update please feel free to contact my office.

Kathy Goerks, Clerk/Treasurer
Village of West Baraboo

West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Chapter 1
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Chapter 2
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Chapter 3
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Chapter 4
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Appendix A
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Appendix B
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Appendix C
West Baraboo Comprehensive Plan – Appendix D

Community Survey Summary

Spring West Baraboo’s Survey Results

This survey was taken during April.  Approximately 79% of those who took the survey were from the Village and 20% were primarily from the City or Town of Baraboo.

Community Survey

Pet Licenses

Reminder ImageThe State of Wisconsin requires all dogs to be licensed.

Licenses run on a calendar year.  If a dog is not licensed by March 31st, the owner will incur a $5.00 late fee.

License Fees: $7 ~ Spayed or neutered dog or $12 ~ Dogs capable of reproducing

To license a dog, proof of rabies vaccination must be provided; including Veterinarian, Expiration Date, Manufacturer and Serial Number of Vaccine.